What’s wrong with this picture? Where’s the Godfather?

From the Detroit FreePress:
President Barack Obama spoke Friday at a transmission plant in Indianapolis that builds parts for hybrid buses. Obama touted the job growth, saying “we are regaining our footing.”

But he acknowledged the economy still faced “serious headwinds” — notably high gas prices, and the recent disruption in manufacturing because of the earthquake in Japan. The auto industry has been particularly affected by the events in Japan.

House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement that “while any improvement is welcome news, job growth in America is still nowhere close to what it should be.”

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Consider, that the number of people who want a job has increased over 600,000 from last year to over 6,539,000.

Thank you NAFTA and Thank you Globalization Fatcats, with your TRILLIONS of untaxed profits laying unemployed in who knows what country, while small US businesses can’t get loans from banks who charge 20% interest (to those who need it most) yet their cost of money is less than 2%.

Oh, where is the Godfather when you need him most?

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    Let’s have some “boots on the ground” here.

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