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How to Advertise and Maximize the Returns via
Creative Tax planning.

Save anywhere from $2,000 to $3,300, per child that you pay
$5,000 in salary, per year.

This strategy is very powerful for parents with children under
18 years of age and requires a sole proprietorship for
business ownership, some pre-planning, and discipline on the
principals involved.

Typically a business can benefit from adverting, and here is a
way help keep some of those costs within a family unit, while
being able to create an after tax nest egg for your children.

One of the spouses produces the Ad, employing the families’
children, paying them a reasonable salary for their
appearance in the ad. If the employing parent pays the
children, around $5,000 each, she can then deduct the
payments against the parents income. Additionally, there are
no payroll taxes due on this type of payment.

Usually the child won’t have any other income and may not
even need to file a tax return for the salary.

Like so many tax strategies, there are details that must be
followed and certain other requirements. If this one is of
interest to you or some one you know email Joe at: or call him at 800-223-6184.